Vodafone’s Boss of the Court Badminton Tournament

February 18th, 2020


Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma (Vodafone Samoa CEO) & Nynette Sass (President of Samoa Badminton Federation)

The Samoa Badminton Federation in partnership with Vodafone Samoa has moved into full mode of activities and events in Samoa. The Vodafone Boss of the Court tournament commenced on Saturday 13 through to 20 February 2021, at the Multipurpose Gym, Tuanaimato.

“Staying true to our More For All campaign, we are proud to support the Samoa Badminton Federation. As the major mobile provider in the country, we fully support sport and health initiatives for the benefit of the Samoan people”, stated Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, CEO of Vodafone Samoa. “Vodafone’s mission is to enrich the Samoan people’s lives and through our partnership with the Samoa Badminton Federation, this is another way to enrich lives through sports. Vodafone Samoa will be at the event to provide free sim cards for those who want to support Vodafone who in return supports our community.”

Vodafone Samoa and Samoa Badminton Federation officially signed their partnership on Monday 15 February to support the Boss of the Court tournament.

The event is an opportunity to kick start the Federation’s activities and to test the skills of new and experienced players on court. SBF with support from Badminton Oceania had conducted Open Day sessions earlier in the year to promote the sport and as an advocacy mechanism to encourage families and friends to participate. As noted by the President of the Federation, Nynette Sass, “This is our way to encourage and inform people about badminton as well as rolling out our activities for 2021 which includes Shuttle time with school children and teachers, development programmes and training as well as participating in tournaments and competitions. We also acknowledge the full support of Vodafone Samoa in ensuring we are able to conduct this event.”

Vodafone’s Boss of the Court will be conducted in the following categories: Singles (Men/ Women); Doubles (Men/ Women) and Mixed Doubles (Men/ Women). It is open to all ages with Juniors level for children up to 15 years of age and Adult level.

So come down to the Multipurpose Gym, Tuanaimato to cheer the participating players and support Vodafone Boss of the Court tournament. There will giveaways and Vodafone booths at the event.