Vodafone Samoa CEO Satish Sharma bestowed Samoan Matai Title of Nofoasaefa

June 29th, 2020

PR Matai

Picture: Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma (CEO Vodafone Samoa), Management of Vodafone Samoa & Matai’s from Leulumoega

There were smiles all around in Leulumoega village as Tolofuaivalelei, Falemoe Leiataua of  Leulumoega bestowed the chiefly title of Nofoasaefa to Vodafone Samoa’s CEO, Satish Sharma in recognition of his contribution and support towards Samoan Community.

“I am humbled by the recognition, and accept it with full humility and responsibility for not only myself, but on behalf of my managers and staff of Vodafone Samoa.” says Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, Vodafone CEO.

“It is our pleasure to honor you Nofoasaefa Satish for your services to our country, especially here within our village of Leulumoega. May God bless and all the best on your future endeavors. “ says Tolofuaivalelei

Being so far from home Nofoasaefa Satish has quickly accustomed to the way of Samoan life, one to which he gladly enjoys. Nofoasaefa Satish from his position of CEO of Vodafone supports Samoan Victim Support Group, Samoa Cancer Society, Students with Free Data on Student SIM with MESC &UNESCO, supported grass root Rugby in Savaii apart from Manu Samoa 7s Team and other humanitarian projects.

“This is very much a similar outreach my family and I participate in within our community in India and I am proud to say it continues here in Samoa. I genuinely love Samoa and this reflects on broader Samoan community”. Concluded Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma.

Nofoasaefa Satish is from India, and calls Leulumoega village in Samoa his second home.