August 28th, 2020


Vodafone Samoa launched on the 4th April this year and over the last 5 months the Company has re-invested over $8 Million Tala to modernize most parts of our existing network to meet our customer’s future demands. These developments build onto our vision which is towards our customers choosing us as a preferred brand by ensuring we meet and exceed your needs –innovative products & services, radically simple, affordable and accessible to all.

For our group of network engineers it has been a hectic 5 months as we develop, integrate and innovate across our network to adopt these leading edge services into Samoa.

Vodafone Samoa has installed a modernized state of the art Mobile DATA core with the latest Next Generation technology enabling our mobile data network to expand with significant increased capacity.  We have paired this replacement core with the expansion of our site networks to encompass more LTE1800 spectrum which enables these sites to handle more customers at faster speeds without congestion.

If you are using Google, Facebook and Netflix services then you may be surprised by our new high speed content delivery service.  Vodafone is pleased to be one of the first Pacific operators to partner with these major content suppliers enabling us to install localized content servers which provide for delay free viewing and searching.When you use Google, Facebook or Netflix with Vodafone the content is smooth and direct and faster.

Our national backbone service which extends throughout Upolu and Savaii has increased in speed from ~33,000Mbps to ~45,000Mbps (45Gbps) of capacity.  Whether you are in Apia, Lalomanu, Faleolo or Salelologa, our fibre reaches you! Our mobile network is fully 4G compliant, with over 75% of our mobile network connecting via our Fibre Optic backbone so that remote customers receive un-beatable speeds.  With Vodafone whether you live in the city or in the village you will receive world class service and performance.

Our mobile coverage has expanded to over 95% of the population with Vodafone operating on 91 towers throughout Samoa.   Vodafone operates the LARGEST & FASTEST site network in Samoa.

For the home and small business we are pleased to have introduced FTTH (Fibre To The Home) technology, which is a next generation service providing affordable voice, data & video services to your location.   FTTH will progressively replace our old copper network with next generation fibre optic which operates at scalable speeds up to 1,000Mbps (1Gbps). FTTH is the one stop solution for all your needs – high speed internet, Moana TV, and Voice.

Internationally – We have more than DOUBLED our link capacity on the TUI SAMOA UNDERSEA FIBRE OPTIC cable and repositioned our primary connection to be Sydney, Australia.   This expansion has enabled much faster internet traffic for our NZ & Australia bound traffic.  And to “Double this Double”, we also have a 2nd undersea fibre optic cable.   Yes – Vodafone Samoa operates on TWO undersea fibre optic cables.

We are the ONLY Samoan operator to have TWO undersea fibre optic links operating on both the TUI SAMOA UNDERSEA Fibre Optic Cable to Sydney, Australia & the Hawaiki UNDERSEA Fibre Optic Cable to Oregon, USA.  By having two independent links Vodafone offers all our customers with surety of full fallback protection & fast service restoral times should one cable service be unavailable. This makes your business and connectivity much safer and reliable.

It’s been a busy 5 months and we know this is just the start.  “The future is exciting….   READY?”