Vodafone Helps Struggling Hospitality & Tourism Industry in Savaii

October 13th, 2020


Photo: Vodafone Manase Beach Festival

Savaii was the place to be over the long White Sunday Weekend. Vodafone were seen walking the talk & staying true to its “Always More” Campaign via its support towards the struggling Hospitality & Tourism Industry – by means of cash and in-kind sponsorships.

On Friday, Amoa Resort kicked off the weekend of fun with their White Night Event, a dinner buffet and live entertainment performed by Vodafone’s  favorite local band; The Poly Flavour. It was an atmosphere of happiness, laughter & dancing. The night got better when Vodafone’s CEO Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma declared a first-time-ever in Samoa, free unlimited Wifi for the entire evening for all to enjoy.

The second event took place on Saturday whereby 6 accommodation providers (with the support from the Sa’o of Manase Village) grouped to host a first ever Vodafone Manase Beach Festival entirely supported by Vodafone Samoa.

“Our local hotels, resorts & beach fale accomodations need help. Hence we didn’t hesitate to provide help by means of supporting their events. It is our way of injecting life back into our hospitality & tourism sector during these unprecedented times” says Vodafone CEO Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma.

“The Vodafone Manase Beach Festival was a way to remind people that Manase is still the place to be. We are a village of entertainers, our people have talent ranging from string bands, dancers, fire dancers and a village who so strongly continues on cultural traditional cooking from the farm to the table.” Said Ieti Sanerivi, Tailua Beach Fales.

“Our biggest appreciation extends to Vodafone for believing in Manase and  coming on board as our Naming Sponsors. Everyone enjoyed themselves & this was made successful because of your help, faafetai lava Vodafone.”  Concluded Ieti Sanerivi.

The children from around Samoa, particularly Manase, who celebrated their White Sunday early by the help of Vodafone providing bouncy castles, face painting, games & prize giveaways. The adults had a relaxing event with live entertainment from Poly Flavour, food stalls with local Samoan Cuisines, local arts and crafts. The Vodafone Manase Beach Festival is guaranteed to be an annual event as declared by the chief of Manase Village.

“Savaii used to be bustling with tourists coming in from around the world. However due to COVID-19, things have significantly changed. Hence Vodafone came on board to provide the support Savaii’s Hospitality & Tourism needs. When we say Always More in support towards our community, we mean it entirely.” Says Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, Vodafone Samoa CEO.

It’s been 6 months since the global telecom giant Vodafone launched in Samoa and so far they have invested well over $400,000 tala worth of cash and in-kind support towards the community via sponsorships only, this does not include customer promotional offers.

” We provide our customers with better value for their dollar & network reliability. Now is the time to support Vodafone who in return always gives you more support within our communities, with more data and with more coverage.” Concluded Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, CEO Vodafone Samoa.