Your families and friends in New Zealand are now able to send money through to your M-Tala Wallet using KlickEx Pacific. They can register on to send and customers in Samoa will receive money in a matter of seconds.

Terms & Conditions


1.  Customer goes to

2.  Customer uses the Rate Calculator on the home page to check costs of sending

3. Customer gets an Account activation email, with a link and activates their account

4. Customer logs in with password and security answer

5. Customer needs to submit identification: 1. Proof of Address   2. Passport

6. Once Account is Activated, Customer can “Add funds” to their account via POLi (internet banking

7. Once funds are added, the customer can now “Send Money”, by completing the form with the Recipient Vodafone number and Amount

8. Customer in NZ will be charged $5NZD for the transfer from NZ

Customer in Samoa:

1. Customer needs to be registered for M-Tala

2. Customer M-Tala Account needs to be Active

3. Customer can withdraw funds in M-Tala Account at any of our Vodafone Retail outlets

4. Standard Withdrawal fees apply – $1 – Range $1 – $100 & $2 Anything More than $100