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Fiafia Bundles have been upgraded to Fiafia Tele with way more data to use on apps and websites that are useful to our customer’s from a day to day basis. Dial *888# or use our MyVodafone App to purchase now

CostMinutesTXTAny DataTik TokMusicChatNewsGmailStorageTotal GBValid

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any data allocation can be used for any internet activity
  2. Tik Tok data can be used for Tik Tok app only
  3. Music data can be used for Sound Cloud app only
  4. Chat data can be used for Skype app only
  5. News data can be used to access the following news sites only
  1. Gmail data can be used for Gmail app only
  2. Storage data can be used for Drop Box app only
  3. On-net minutes allocation is for calls to Vodafone numbers only, including landlines
  4. TXT allocation can be used to text any local number
  5. Priority units of use will be applied so that special bonus data will be prioritized over the any data