The all new and improved Campus SIM from Vodafone offers students better access to educational websites and the newly introduced Campus Bundles to assist with their schoolwork this year. Register now for a Campus SIM at any of our Retail Stores. Dial *888# or use MyVodafone App to purchase.

  1. Campus SIM Benefits
    • First top-up of $5 gives you 5GB FREE Data and UNLIMITED V2V Calls & SMS for 28 Days. Sign-up One-time use only.
    • Monthly $5 top-up or more for Campus SIM to remain active and continue receiving 30GB Study Data
    • Enjoy additional Campus Bundle benefits

Campus Bundle

Product NamePriceAny Use GBONNET (Mins/SMS)Validity (Days)
Campus $2$2.001UNLIMITED1
Campus $5$5.003UNLIMITED3
Campus $10$10.007UNLIMITED7

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any registered student/teacher is entitled to the Campus SIM.
  2. Campus Sim Cards will be available at any of our Retail Stores, Vodafone approved Vendors & Study Roadshows.
  3. A photo ID / confirmation letter from school or come in wearing school uniform must be presented for students under the age of when purchasing a student SIM. For tertiary students, the university ID must be presented to purchase this SIM.
  4. A Campus SIM is FREE.
  5. Student will be entitled to our NEW Campus Bundles as well as all Prepaid Mobile promotional offers.
  6. Sign-up one-time use benefit on $5 topup gives you 5GB and Unlimited V2V Calls & SMS for 28 Days
  7. Customers can browse free educational websites with their Campus SIM only
  8. Campus SIM benefit validity completes on 31st December annually.