Assisting the unbanked population

Vodafone’s M-Tala is here to assist the 49% of the population that are unbanked (PFIP 2018 Samoa Financial Inclusion Country Profile) by providing the convenience of money transfers between Vodafone mobile numbers, make your everyday bill payments, and gradually help people thrive with their everyday businesses by registering their businesses to sell their products without the need of smart phones or data and within the comfort of your own home.

“M-Tala was designed with the 90% of the population in mind who do not own a credit or debit card and those who live in rural villages who do not have easy access to Commercial Banks, or even to Money Transfer Operators.

We want to help make their lives easier, we want them to have safe access to transferring and receiving their funds without paying too much on fees. M-Tala is free and you don’t have to have a Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card to use this service.” 

Satish Sharma, CEO Vodafone Samoa

Sending & Receiving Money made easy

M-Tala will give users the freedom of withdrawing cash from any of our Vodafone Retail Stores (maximum limit of $1,000 tala a day). Send money in real time securely and instantly from anywhere in Samoa.

Where can I do this?

Is my money secure?

This is cash converted into mobile currency, which we have designed with bullet proof safety to comply with all International Banking Regulations. We encourage all users to make sure their private pin-numbers are kept to themselves – that is the only access into your mobile currency. And if you’ve forgotten your password, only you are required to visit with your ID at any of our Retail Stores to change your password.

We have received the approval from the Central Bank of Samoa which states we are in full regulatory compliance. Again we urge users to use due diligence and to take accountability for the safety of their pin numbers – just as you would with your normal ATM bank card.