This new and innovative product called the M-Tala aims to increase the accessibility of financial services, efficiently & most importantly securely across the entire Samoa, all from your Vodafone Mobile Phone.

With Samoa’s population at over 198,000 people, there are only 4 Commercial Banks, 25 Banking Branches, and 14 Money Transfer Operators meaning accessibility is the biggest impediment to financial inclusion in Samoa – however not anymore, when you are registered with M-Tala.

Pay your Bills & Utilities

  • With M-Tala you can pay your Vodafone Postpaid Bills
  • SWA Water Bill
  • Buy EPC Prepaid Power

Buy Echarge:

This Echarge can then be used to buy your Prepaid Data Bundles.

Follow the easy steps:

Dial *175# to buy Echarge

Select either if it’s for

  1. My Phone
    • Enter your secret PIN
    • Enter in your mobile number
    • Enter the amount of Echarge you wish to purchase
  2. Other Vodafone Phone
    • Enter your secret PIN
    • Enter in the mobile number you wish to send Echarge to
    • Enter the amount of Echarge you wish to purchase for that particular number.

Is it free to Register?

Registration for M-Tala is free with only 3 easy steps to get you started:

  1. Register at any Vodafone Retail Store or click here to register online.
  2. Receive your confirmation text message with activation key number
  3. Active your M-Tala Account by dialing *175# and using the activation key number.

Want your business registered to M-Tala?

M-Tala have a list of merchants, utility providers, financial organizations and some micro finance organizations in progress, and will soon be a gateway for all businesses & local entrepreneurs to sell their products & receive remittances into their mobile wallet in real time.

M-Tala is an enabling platform, M-Tala is a life changing platform, M-Tala is a platform for you to use to sell your product securely, therefore we invite you to come and talk to Vodafone if you want to take heed of a new technology to help you take your business to another level.